Andalusia has: a modern network of technological and scientific parks, and technological and of excellence associated centres with the clusters to support the innovative activities of the companies settled in Andalusia.

Scientific and technological parks of Andalusia (11)


  • 11 Technological Parks
  • 18 Research and Agrarian and Fishing Formation Centres
  • 35 Technological Centres and Foundations of Innovation and Technology
  • 3 European Centres of Companies and Innovation
  • 4 Centres of Excellence in Biomedicine

Training, talent and capacity are the three basis on which rely the Andalusian labour market. Andalusia is the second Autonomous Community as regards the number of current graduates. Andalusia is one of the Spanish regions with a higher index of young qualified population.

Students that finished university studies (2010/2011) ordered by Autonomous Communities and autonomous cities, type of study and sex.

Students that finished studies of 1st and 2nd cycle during 2011, ordered by University, sex, type of studies and Ownership of the centre.

Notes: 1 Studies leading to the obtaining of two official degrees.
Source: INE – Instituto Nacional de Estadística (National Statistics Institute)


The Andalusian universities have around 252.000 pupils. The number of students of the Andalusian University has been growing for the last five years, though the increase has been more noticeable in the last three years.

The biggest increase of students of the last 15 yearswas registered in the 2011/2012 course.

Evolution of the student body of the Andalusian Universities (last 3 university courses)

More than 7.100 foreign pupils are studying in Andalusian universities, besides the students who take part in mobility programs.

The University of Granada is the Andalusian institution that has the biggest number of Erasmus students.

In the 2011/2012 course, the ten public universities of Andalusia offered 404 Degrees, 461 Master Degrees and 240 programs of adapted doctorates.


Andalusia remains to be the third investigative power of Spain with an investment in R+D that overcomes 1.578 million Euros, which supposes the 1,10 % of the regional GDP. Likewise, one in every ten researchers who takes part in the Andalusian Knowledge System is a foreign one.

There is a noticeable increase of the scientific community that attracts more and more scientists of international origin because of the quality of the researches that are carried out in the Andalusian Autonomous Community, of the universities and of the excellent research infrastructures.

Map of Technical Profiles and Location of residence

Andalusia has got three big factors of competitiveness:

  • Productivity per Employee: higher than the average of the EU and alternative locations in countries like those of Eastern Europe.
  • Attractive wage costs: especially with high qualification level.
  • Operating Costs: significantly lower than those of other surrounding countries.

The total labour costs of Spain are among the lowest of the 15-EU. The labour costs of Andalusia are even lower and include all the activity sectors.


These are the main aspects that reinforce its position favoured by its advanced infrastructures:

European Logistic Systems

Net of Logistic Areas in Andalusia (2013's horizon)

Flight schedule from Andalusia (Malaga Airport) to the main capitals of the world