The objective of this program is to help entrepreneurs to start up their business project, reducing the time and paperwork involved in formation of a limited company.

To do this, we have previously created limited with a broad social purpose companies, so that covers almost all activities, established in any of the Andalusian provinces and no assurance activity.

These societies can be acquired electronically, by one or more individuals.

Currently the service is being redesigned to support the incorporation of companies by the IDEA Agency, so temporarily Company Program is not operational 24 hours. While this circumstance occurring can be seen in the network of Andalusia PAIT points.


  1. Fill the Reservation Request. As soon as we receive the request, we will get in touch with you by means of an e-mail and/or phone text confirming the reservation of the enterprise and the number of the account to make the payment.
  2. Make the payment (by means of bank transfer, cash...) of the amount of the share capital of the enterprise: 3.006 Euros, into the indicated bank account.
  3. Once the payment is done and checked, we will facilitate you the date and time for you to make the signature in a notary office of your choice in any of the Andalusian provinces.
  4. Do not forget to come to the appointment in the notary Office with the following in force and original documentation:
    1. If you have separate states you will have to bring to the notary office at the moment of the signature your literal marriage certificate issued by the civil register, the first copy of the matrimonial capitulations statutes or the original copy of the family book where the separate states are gathered.
    2. Original of the ID card (DNI)
    3. If one or more of the chosen administrators are legal persons, they will bring:
      1. Original of the entity's CIF.
      2. Original of the ID card of the administrator or enterprise's attorney.
      3. Original of the statutes where is gathered the information of your appointment as administrator, attorney or representative of the administration organ and the enterprise.

      The same deed of sale of social participations will be gathered in the General and Universal Shareholders Meeting, after the sale, in which the new partner/s will agree the change of the head office and the change of administrator. The form of organ of administration for the enterprise will be the chosen one in the request form.

      If the activity that you are willing to perform is not included among the wide corporate purpose of the enterprises of the enterprises' bank, this activity will be modified in the previously mentioned deed. (Statutes of the Enterprise)

      The notary's office, at the same time, will communicate to the financial institution the change of administrator of the respective enterprise.

      Finally, and after the signature, the buyers will be given the following documents:

      1. The first copy of the constitution deed registered in the mercantile register.
      2. A copy for the administered one of the payment of taxes.
      3. A 036 paper of CIF's request with the definitive CIF.
      4. The Partners Book and Proceedings Minutes.
      5. A copy of the opening contract of a current account with the information of the branch, contact person's name and telephone number.
      6. An invoice of the initial expenses.
      7. A copy of having presented the 036 paper of activity's register.
      8. An authorized copy of the transmission deed, statutory modification and administration change, which will accredit them as owners and administrators of the enterprise.
      9. Indications of the essential necessary steps after the acquisition of the enterprise.

      Once the purchase is signed and the previous documents are delivered, you will be able to operate and to issue invoices, though from the above mentioned instant, you will have to complete the formal, register, countable and fiscal obligations that marks the in force legislation. Click here to have access to an information leaflet where you can find, as an example and as a simple guidance, some details of the essential obligations that you will have to fulfil after the signature, being advisable in any case to rely on the due professional advice.

      The buyer will receive a current account with 3.006 Euros of share capital, on which the initial expenses and taxes will be loaded. (See expenses)

      From this moment the enterprise is of your property, you can develop your activity and you are able to invoice.

You also have the possibility of constituting a limited enterprise, telematically, with the advantages and requirements established in the Royal Order in Council 13/2010, of December the 3rd, using these two paths:

How much longer does it take to acquire the enterprise?

24 hours from the moment on that we verify the payment (working days).

Can I consult the bank of enterprises?

NO, you cannot. Every enterprise has a social purpose so wide that includes practically all the possible activities. In case the one that you need is not gathered, it will be modified in the notary deeds. (You can consult the statutes in this web page)

Can I personally request a 24h enterprise in your offices?

NO, you cannot. It is a requirement of the program that you must make the request online. In addition, the solicitor (one of the partners) must have a digital certificate.

Is "Ltd." the only available juridical form?

YES, it is. If you want to purchase a Professional Ltd., you must ask your College to issue your professional's certificate, before the signature in a notary office is carried out.

it possible to change the name?

NO. It is not a part of the 24 hours program. In any case, you will be able to do it once you acquire the enterprise.

(To change the name of the INNOVA24H enterprises, the entrepreneurs must go to the Central Mercantile Register, Section of Names, telephone 902 88 44 42, where they will be given the necessary information to obtain the new name. You must bear in mind that the solicitor must be the name of the acquired enterprise, *INNOVA24H, S.L., and not the name of the partners)

Can we increase the share capital?

NO, you cannot increase it within the 24hours program. You will be able to do it later, if you wish.

Can we contribute any in-kind capital?

NO, all the enterprises have been contributed a share capital of 3.006 Euros in a bank account.

Is it possible to include an activity that is not gathered in the corporate statutes?

YES, you must previously inform of it in a notary office.

How much would it cost to change the head office?

The change of head office comes with no additional cost; it is in fact a part of the program.

Can a minor acquire an enterprise?

YES, as long as he has electronic signature.

Can we accede to the helps and subsidies?

You can accede to all kinds of helps and pertinent subsidies to launch your business project.

Can anyone request an enterprise on behalf of other person?

NO, the solicitor must be one of the partners (natural persons) and no one can acquire participations in more than one 24hours enterprise.

Can I postpone the Treasury Department' joining application of the activity?

NO, the commitment of the program is to sell enterprises that come into work right away.

When can I have the money of my account?

The bank has to verify your ownership; this could take a few days.
To cancel the account it is necessary that the deeds with the statutory changes are registered in the Mercantile Register of your province.

How do I obtain the digital certificate?

You must visit the Spanish Mint's web page (link is included in this page, when you click to access to the request) and follow its instructions, among which you will find that you must go in person with the received code to a competent office to identify yourself; within a few hours you will be able to use it in the same computer where you performed the request of the initial code.

What should I have to do once the request is CONSOLIDATED?

Once the request is consolidated you will receive an e-mail to the address that you gave to us. We will inform you about the bank account where you must make the 3.006 Euros' payment meant for the share capital. Once the payment is done and confirmed by the IDEA Agency, you will get a message of the notary office to arrange an appointment to sign the Ltd.'s dealing contract.

The Program carries out these steps, you do not make anything but just indicate when you can sign in the notary office that you have chosen.

Corporate Center: Leonardo da Vinci, 17-A Cartuja 93. 4102-Seville

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