Programa Cheque Innovación

"Innoempresa" Program targets specifically the support of SMEs' innovation projects, through the implementation of projects in the technological, organizational and business management areas.

Innoempresa supports projects for diagnostic studies, the adoption of models or plans, initiatives or certification within the following areas:

  • Organizational Innovation and Advanced Management.
  • Technological and quality Innovation.
  • Collaborative innovation projects.
For information purposes we inform to potential interested parties in the procedure, that on October the 15th, 2013, a Resolution has been taken by the General Directorate of Andalusian Innovation and Development Agency has which will end the deadline for submission of applications for INNOEMPRESA Program. Under this Resolution, the day of its publication at the Official Bulletin of Andalusian Regional Government will be considered as the deadline for the submission of applications. The estimated release date is fixed in the last days of this month of October.
The present warning is made in compliance with the provision of that Resolution, thus providing legal certainty to potential interested parties closing the deadline for applications the current date of its publication. In this regard, it is noted that will be considered as later presented all the applications that may be presented beyond this date.