Innovation and business development program

For those entrepreneurs who want to create an enterprise, for the businessmen who want to modernize theirs, for those who bet for R&D or business cooperation, we offer a complete Grant Programme for Fostering Innovation and Business development including non-refundable grants, refundable loans, participative loans and bonus of interest rates.

For those who need financing for their enterprise or projects we have launched a set of Refundable Funds managed in market conditions. They are bound to cover the gaps of the financial system as for resources availability, allowing the implementation of good business ideas for Andalusia that may lack of a suitable economic and financial support.

The IDEA Agency coordinates the incentives for innovation and business development promoted by the Regional Ministry of Economy, Innovation and Science, acting as the single manager to better manage applications and to speed deadlines up.

This Grant Programme for Fostering Innovation and Business development has been created to promote innovation as the main strategic factor for the development of Andalusia, which has resulted in a revitalizing impact in the regional economy since 2005.

This program of incentives is financed by the Innovation-Technology-Enterprise Global Grant of Andalusia 2007-2013, included in the Operational Programme ERDF Andalusia 2007 – 2013, co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund.

In order to fulfil all innovation initiatives, we support projects that create, consolidate and modernize enterprises, promote business cooperation and R&D. For this purpose, the following grant lines are at your disposal:

  • Enterprise creation
  • Enterprises modernization
  • Research, Development and Innovation (R&D&i)
  • Competitive Cooperation of the Enterprises

The new call continues the general lines approved in January of 2012, though it has important innovations such as the deadline extension. For projects of Entrepreneurship, Enterprises' Modernization and Competitive Cooperation of Enterprises, it extends the deadline to request the helps until April the 30th of 2014 and it extends the resolution deadline until June the 30th of 2014. For the projects of R+D, these deadlines are extended until October the 31st of 2014 and December the 31st of 2014 respectively. All these projects will have to have been executed in its entirety in December the 31st of 2015.

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