Programas Acciones de Fomento

Andalusia has an important endowment of technological, industrial and logistic spaces of strategic character which pursue effective solutions for the settlement of business projects, for business growth and employment promotion.

In the context of knowledge and industrial strategy of Andalusian Region and in order to facilitate settlement companies in these locations, IDEA Agency launched LOCALIZA-IN Program.

LOCALIZA-IN pursued:

  • facilitate companies, through a joint action, the implementation of their activities in the innovation areas of Andalusia by offering emplacements, financing and advanced services,
  • yo promote the emergence and consolidation of business communities around innovation spaces,
  • to promote interaction between innovation spaces, strategic sectors and clusters of Andalusia, in the context of a strategy for smart specialization of the Autonomous Community Andalusia region.


LOCALIZA-IN involves the following areas:

  • Knowledge Spaces that have a qualification as Knowledge Agents or are embodied in a program of productive land of the Regional Government of Andalusia.
  • Commercial Port Areas of general interest to the State and to the Autonomous Community and airport areas.
  • Spaces included within the Andalusian Logistic Network.
  • Spaces linked to reindustrialization plans launched by the Regional Government of Andalusia.

To date, the Agency for Innovation and Development of Andalusia Development develops this action in the following areas:

  • Almería:
    • Science and Technology Park of Almería, PITA.
  • Cádiz:
    • Port of Cadiz Bay.
    • Logistics Algeciras Bay Area.
  • Huelva:
    • Science and Technology Park of Huelva, PCTH.
  • Jaén:
    • Geolit, Scientific-Technological Park.
  • Málaga:
    • Andalusia Technology Park PTA.
    • Park food technology Axarquia Costa del Sol.
    • Port of Malaga.
  • Sevilla:
    • Park Business Innovation and Renewable Energy, SOLAND.
    • Environmental Activities Park of Andalusia, PAMA.
    • Port of Sevilla.



LOCALIZA-IN Program needs, to be applied, a joint action that includes at least, the construction of five warehouses and/or a centre of Business services in an innovation space.

These joint actions are implemented through agreements between IDEA Agency, the manager or promoter entity of the innovation space and the council of the municipality where the action is going to be developed.


LOCALIZA-IN provides a set of economic and fiscal incentives and advanced services for viable projects of companies and entrepreneurs who are established in Andalusia or even if not are yet established, intends to launch a business project in this region.

The business projects and companies that fulfil these requirements and provide the 30% of the investment, are eligible for:

  • Economic incentives for investments and financing for the construction and acquisition of warehouses:
    • Non-refundable incentives:
      • 50 % for small enterprises
      • 40 % for medium enterprises
      • 30 % for large enterprises
    • Refundable financing: Loan of up to a maximum of 70 % of the financing needs of the project.
  • Municipal Tax Incentives:
    • Bonus Tax on Construction, Installation and Works Tax (ICIO)
    • Bonus Property Tax (IBI)
    • Bonus on Economic Activities Tax (IAE)

Action for Business Development Location in Spaces of Innovation and Other Emplacements of Strategic Interest (LOCALIZA-IN) takes as principal financing sources the Productive Spaces Generation's Fund, the Business Development's Fund and Sustainable Economy's Fund; besides the JEREMIE Fund and the Order of Incentives for the Innovation and Business Development, both instruments integrated in the Innovation-Technology-Enterprise Global Grant of Andalusia 2007-2013, co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).


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