Programa Cheque Innovación

The success of your ideas, our commitment

The "Innovation Vouchers" ("Cheque Innovación") is a Program launched by the Regional Government, through the Ministry of Economy, Innovation, Science and Employment, aiming at stimulate innovation in Andalusian small and micro enterprises (SMEs), helping to improve their competitiveness and productivity.

To this end, the "Innovation Voucher" Program provides to companies with less than 50 employees and headquarters or operations centre in Andalusia, four services of advice and consultancy in business innovation.

The program is developed through the Order of Incentives for the Innovation and Business Development Promotion in Andalusia (Call 2012-2013) co-financed by the Andalusian ERDF Operational Programme 2007-2013. Innovation Voucher Program relies on the participation of IDEA Agency, "Andalucía Emprende" Foundation and "Sandetel", who combine their efforts for the development, coordination and management of the initiative.

Innovation Services with Incentives

The purpose of the services included in the Innovation Voucher Program is to provide for Andalusian small and micro-enterprises with the necessary technical assistance for the development of innovation and modernization projects in their business processes, enabling them to acquire the knowledge and the most suitable and adapted technologies for their companies.

The aim of this assistance will be to provide advice on business innovation, so that the company incorporates substantial improvements in its products, processes or services, in commercializing them in its organization or business model to increase their competitiveness and productivity. Services include a diagnosis phase, where the situation of the company is analysed in depth and the undertaking improvements in order to innovate in the business are voiced out, and in some cases an assistance phase for the implantation of the innovation in order to support the entrepreneur in the adoption of the measures proposed at the previous phase.

Innovation Voucher ‘s Services are provided through the advice of a team composed by specialized consultants and consulting enterprises, who visit the companies and provide them with appropriate documentation as well as their analysis and recommendations. These professionals have proven their technical competence through the relevant accreditation process.

Four consultancy services are currently offered:

1. Innovation to transform business processes: It provides advice for the company to establish a solid pillar in order to continue growing and developing its activity with better results. It is a basic service, designed for small enterprises to help them to reach professional management and optimize business processes, through innovation's support. Thus, changes in the production or provision of services' systems are supported, with no modifications in products themselves or enterprises services.

Cost of service: 2.000 Euros* (the company must pay service tax only)

2. Innovation as result of a marketing strategy implementation.

It allows the company to identify innovations in its business scope involving diversifying its client portfolio and/or of its geographical markets. The service aims at developing commercialization strategy to improve the position of the company in the market. For it, the commercial reality of the company is analysed, as well as how to improve their products, processes and/or services, in order to increase the sales.

Cost of service: 3.000 Euros* (the company must pay service tax only)

3. Innovation to redesign or create new products and/or services.

It offers to the companies advice and support for the generation of new products and/or services, as well as to redesign existing ones. It is an advanced consulting service that provides with the methodology for innovation in redesigning or creating new products and / or new services, with the plan to establish this innovative process and with the tools for implementation.

Cost of service: 6.000 Euros, extendable to 3.000 more if the company develops the implantation phase* (the company must pay service tax only)

4. Accompanying support for innovation in management, organization and business management.

It offers to the companies the permanent support of a mentor with expertise iun the fields of business management, which will help companies to implement specific projects and expand their network of contacts.

Cost of service: it depends on the duration of accompanying support. A three months service has a cost of 6.000 Euros, and six months service up to 12.000 Euros.


  • If you are interested in requesting the Innovation Voucher, you can ask for advice at the Business Development Support Centres (CADE), of the "Andalucía Emprende" Foundation network. These centres will help you to introduce our request. Later on, you will receive the communication of the relevant resolution.
  • In case that you obtained the grant, the Virtual Technical Office (OTV) will send you a notice, so you can proceed to the selection of the professional that you want to work with in order to have the service. At that time, you should pre-select five consultants among which the final consultant will be selected.
  • Once the consultant or consulting enterprise has accepted, the work will begin.