What is the Industrial Property?

The industrial Property is a set of exclusive rights granted by the State to the authors of intangible creations. With a proper protection strategy, it is possible to prevent competitors from copying our innovations.

Depending on the type of innovation, it can be protected by the following titles:

  • Trademarks or Brands Names: which will serve to distinguishing your products or services from your competitors.
  • Industrial Design: if you want to protect the shape and form of a product.
  • Patents and Utility Models: for invention cases.

Our services: Titles Registry

In all the offices of IDEA Agency , it is possible to register any Title of industrial property right, as well as any additional documentation required to apply or maintain these rights. Thus, thanks to a collaboration agreement signed with the Spanish Patent and Trademark Office (SPTO):

  • Inventions (Patents and Utility Models)
  • Trademarks and Trade Names
  • Industrial Designs
  • Topographies of Semiconductor products

IDEA Agency is partner of the Spanish Patent and Trademark Office (SPTO), being also recognised by the European Patent Office as partner of PATLIB Network (European Info Centre Patent), as well as by the World Organization Industrial Property Organization (WIPO).

Our services: Consulting

IDEA Agency offers free advisory services related to Industrial Property, with the necessary information and documentation to register:

  • Information on industrial property strategy and guidance on the best choice of protection.
  • Advice on fulfilment applications.
  • Advice on solving processing troubles.
  • Advice on grant applications for Inventions and Trademarks and Trade Names, as well as rights maintenance.
  • Advice on legal transactions (assignments and licenses) and notices of opposition or suspended requests.
  • Information on international registration procedures.
  • Intermediary services with the Spanish Patent and Trademark Office.
These services are offered with personalized attention (by appointment) in all of our offices or via our online consultation e-mail: propiedadindustrial@agenciaidea. es
Public Attention Timetable: from 10 am to 13 am, by previous request appointment via e-mail (propiedadindustrial@agenciaidea.es) or phone.

Our services: Search for Technological Information

Upon request, we offer our clients (Enterprises, Technological Centres, Universities and Individuals), the following reports:

  • Patents' Reports
  • Brands' Reports
  • Designs' Reports
  • Technological Watch's' Reports
Detailed information about contents of reports can be downloaded from the following descriptive brochure. To apply for it you must sent a completed application to the following address: propiedadindustrial@agenciaidea. es. Once the application is accepted, processing and elaboration time of reports is about 3 to 4 weeks.

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