Program of aids for firms in difficulty

Andalusian Innovation and Development Agency IDEA, manages the regional public initiative addressed to support Andalusian firms in economic difficulties, that has been designed to encourage the return to technical and economic viability for Andalusian enterprises being in a situation of cyclical crisis.

This call can benefit to all the companies with effective social venue of their activity and / or main operating facility in Andalusia, that remaining viable from a business point of view, are at cyclical crisis and are willing to take necessary measures to overcome it, or companies that, not being in crisis, are affected by scarcity or unavailability due to credit crunch.

These grants are divides into:

  • Rescue Aids
  • Restructuring Aids



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Rescue aids are focused to provide the strictly necessary and essential liquidity to companies that ensure the business functioning, so that the moment that their situation could be analysed and the adequate restructuring plan would be developed.

These aids can be implemented through loans or loan guarantees from a financial institution, with a maturity date for both cases up to six months.

Restructuring aids are aimed to implementation of actions and measures included at a restructuring plan already approved by the IDEA Agency.

Financial instruments can be either loans at an interest rate no higher than interbank rate, or endorsements offer against a loans from financial institutions. All these instruments have a temporary nature marked by the implementation of restructuring plan, up to a maximum of ten years.