Responsabilidad social


Within the framework of development of the strategy for modernization of public services, the Agency of Innovation and Development of Andalusia IDEA, has been running a series of works devoted to equipping its organization with methodological tools that allows it to optimize the improvement of its Public Service System, in response to the new quality requirements. IDEA Agency has already started the works to implement a Social Responsibility Plan that responds to its current role and tasks. This project will help the Agency in its social position, as well as taking a leading role regarding the responsible promotion of our activity in Andalusia.


In the IDEA Agency we believe that a socially responsible organization obtains increased productivity, is more competitive, has a better reputation and a greater commitment by its human capital. To achieve this, we started in 2009 a strategy of Internal Social Responsibility from which, we can highlight the following aspects.

Equality Plan:

The IDEA Agency has acquired a commitment in relation to an egalitarian culture in the context of our competences and daily work. Attending to one of our objectives: to raise competitiveness and productivity of the Andalusian enterprises, the IDEA Agency commits for this new culture of equality that, acting from the same base of our organization, serves as a reference to the Andalusian business sector, in order to improve the competitiveness and innovation in processes and systems, as well as the quality of the work within our organizations.

Our goal and strategic aim is to incorporate the egalitarian culture at IDEA Agency. To ensure the participation of men and women in equal conditions within the different areas of our organization is necessary to promote equality in our activities and policies at all levels. It is important to promote long-term opportunities in roles and familial structures, institutional practices and organization of work and times, which concerns the Agency in its whole dimension.

Reconciliation Plan of work and private life :

Without equality there is no reconciliation, only according to the principles of equal opportunities between women and men, will be promote form IDEA Agency the possibility of reconcile career with family and personal fulfillment.

The Reconciliation Plan offers measures that manage to intervene in the entire structure of the Agency, with objectives and actions designed to: improve the bases and internal procedures of the Agency through gender equality; optimize the capabilities of human resources and productivity from this gender perspective, making know the benefits of the egalitarian corporate culture, and finally harmonizing private life and employment to promote professional careers and successful personal expectations among professionals.

Protocol of Action for cases of harassment at workplace:

The commitment of the Agency with its human capital has led to the creation of procedures that detect psych-social risks between workers, as well as a Protocol of Action in cases of workplace harassment.

This protocol is an example of the clear desire to integrate prevention, safety and occupational health at the IDEA Agency. It also stands for the duty to respect that everyone who is employed at the Agency deserves a respectful and dignified treatment from both superiors and colleagues.

Certification as a Responsible Family Business

The Responsible Family Business Certification (in Spanish: EFR, Empresa Familiarmente Responsable) of "Másfamilia Foundation" is a business initiative which gathers the new egalitarian culture as guarantor of improvement for companies, helping to incorporate it within the organizations and certifying its implementation. This certificate is intended to encourage companies so that they could get involved in the generation of a new culture for work, enabling an effective harmony between work, personal and familiar spheres, just in the way that current society is demanding.

The Agency of Innovation and Development of Andalusia IDEA, continuing its firm commitment on people and excellence management as an essential element to achieve its goals, has carried out the required efforts to obtain this Certificate.

The implementation of a "Responsible Family Business" policy brings benefits in terms of improvement of the working environment, reduction of absenteeism, increase of motivation and involvement of employees, stronger links of workers with the brand, attraction and retention of talent at the organization.