Programa Fondo Tecnológico

The Technological Fund is a special item of UE ERDF designed to promote R&D businesses in Spain, through corporate research and development projects mainly in Cooperation field, of applied character for the creation and improvement of productive process, product or service presented by a single company or a business group association. Such projects may include both industrial research and experimental development.

Andalusia has been so far convergence region, receiving with Galicia and Castilla La Mancha the 70% of the funds.

The achievement of this aid depends on the presentation of quality projects. The Fund is targeting three main lines of action: strengthening the scientific-technological infrastructures (mainly universities and research centres), create and to develop knowledge networks, as well as stimulate business projects of Research, Development and Innovation (R&D).

The duration of these projects will vary from 12 to 36 months, with a minimal budget of 500.000 Euros.

IDEA Agency collaborates with the ´competent national body (CDTI) for promotion, selection, evaluation and follow-up of business projects eligible for this European program.

It must be reminded that projects can be financed only if they have not started prior to the date receipt of application. Only feasibility studies can be carried out before this date.