The observation and analysis of scientific, technical and technological environment, as well as the dissemination of the selected and treated information in order to increase and enhance the capacity of anticipate, to prevent technological, social and / or commercial surprises, to support strategic decisions and planning of R&D business activity, as well as for the universities and LPRI (Large Public Research Institutions), are the main objectives of Technological Watching.

This system generates updated and relevant information for Andalusian entrepreneurs, allowing them to know closely the evolution of the different sectors and design competitive strategies appropriate to new opportunities and actual threats of the market.

Available services:

  • Individual Reports to enterprises
  • Report for clusters and sectors
  • Anticipation
  • Technological Watching Studies

To encourage and promote the use of this valuable tool that supports Innovation and contributes effectively and efficiently to improve the competitiveness of SMEs, the Andalusian Innovation and Development Agency, IDEA, has strengthened its advisory service in this area and launched by its own the elaboration and edition of Technological Watching Reports on strategically and priority sectors for our economy, so defined by the Andalusian Regional Government.

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